AEIOU Nanaimo ArtWalk Event 2016 [Adult Content] [Photography]

AEIOU 2016 ArtWalk Gallery 

Curator: AEIOU/CandyAppleCreativeArts/Various

Photography: Trevor Ruhl/Various

Description: This two day show featured local food, folk art, counter culture art, body painting, erotic art, performance art and live music. Focusing on creating an art experience that was interdisciplinary, sensorially stimulating, interactive and participatory.

Erotic Art series by Mehdi Dervish

Bio-reclamation art by Teeth and Toes: Cruelty Free Animal Art

Green Man puppet by Valentina Cardinalli

‘Wedding Dress’ collaborative mixed media installation piece created by The Witches Auxiliary Society in collaboration with the AEIOU

Teeth and Toes: Cruelty Free Animal Art

AEIOU collaborative painting performance

AEIOU collaborative creation

Electric fiddle performance by Karen Ann Sim

Burlesque babe Eyevanna Candygasm signing her boob press art

Eyevanna Candygasm making being on stage look easy

Brooke Vermeersch performing a lyrical dance number, wearing a headpiece created by Karolina Szot

Ella Mental wheeling poi, with body art by Luna Mae Minxx. Headpiece by Karolina Szot.

Ella Mental performing while wearing body art by Luna Mae Minxx

Nat Burt modelling body art by Nicholas Frenette

Body art by Nicholas Frenette

Nat Burt and Ella Mental modelling body art by Nicholas Frenette and Luna Mae Minxx

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